Customer Reviews

I have been using a facial serum that TLE created for me as a custom blend. From the first day of use, I immediately experienced hydration with no side effects. I have also realized softer skin and fine lines. I use my serum on a daily and nightly basis. All natural ingredients and smells good!! Thanks TLE~ S. Nelson

I love my custom sleep blend. I am dreaming again (and snoring) ~ C. Louis

Love my diffuser and my custom sleep blend. Not waking up at 4:00 am~ Diane D. 

Love my facial serum. My mom will soon be ordering too! I had immediate results! ~G. Alvarez

Your (TLE) lavender essential oil smells so good. It smells so fresh and natural; not like what is sold in stores. With the diffuser that I purchased from TLE, the scent of lavender not only relaxes me, but fills my home with a calming scent ~ Deberra L.

I used a custom inhalant blend to elevate my spirits. I found the product to be fast acting and uplifting ~ Regina

I purchased the Tranquil blend. Loved the smell and liked that it is blended with Frankincense; brings back memories ~ Deberra L.

After 2 days of using the facial serum, the dry patches on my cheeks (due to change in weather), have disappeared ~ Laurie F.

Had a custom blend made for myself for pain in my shoulders. The blend was very effective. I took the blend to my primary physician to seek his advise and was given the green light to continue to use if its use lessens my pain. Thanks TLE for the personal consultation and allowing me to feel better~ Beverly N. 

Experience what Tranquility of Life Essentials' fans have come to LOVE ~ Peace~Calmness~Serenity